Happy Fourth of July from TFMoran!

TFMoran Structural Engineers are all red, white and blue to celebrate July 4th! We wish you a happy and safe holiday with your friends and family!


CPR Training at TFMoran

Members of the Bedford TFMoran team participated in a CPR certification course on November 14, 2018. Participants met in the first-floor conference room, where the training was held. Many of the attendees had been certified in the past and were taking the course as a refresher course. The course covered CPR trainings for all ages including adults, children, and infants. The certification class was taught by Robert Martin, who works with Exeter Hospital. The class was broken into two parts. Participants watched informational videos during the first portion of the class, and during the second part were able to practice the techniques on training mannequins.  The informational videos, provided by the American Heart Association, explained how to determine if a person needs CPR, the number of breaths and compressions necessary to properly perform CPR, how to properly perform these compressions and breaths, and how to use an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator. The Bedford office installed an AED in May through a New Hampshire Department of Safety program, which offers a discount and training for participants. There was also a portion of the training dedicated to helping someone who is choking and properly performing the Heimlich maneuver. Of course, we hope that all in attendance never need to use the techniques learned today, but we are glad that our team members are educated and would be able to provide assistants in an emergency.


Raising the Banner with Manchester Proud

TFMoran’s Dylan Cruess attended the Manchester Proud Banner Raising last Tuesday. Manchester Proud is an organization of community members from the Manchester area who want to build a better public-school system in Manchester, New Hampshire. They reach out to community members for thoughts and opinions on the current school system and changes that should be made to improve Manchester’s public schools. They plan to host more than 100 listening sessions to hear local opinions and discuss possible changes to the public-school system. On Tuesday November 13, 2018 Manchester Proud held an event to give thanks to supporters, volunteers, and community partners. The event took place at Veterans Park and was attended by many local business owners, school representatives, and the Mayor of Manchester, Joyce Craig. We wish Manchester Proud success in its future endeavors.


TFM Portsmouth Office Gives Back to Community with GATHER

On Friday, June 15th, TFMoran Portsmouth division closed the office and spent the day volunteering at GATHER, the Portsmouth Family Food Pantry.  All 14 employees spent the day doing inventory, which consisted of weighing, logging, and tagging all eatable inventory in the GATHER warehouse.  TFMoran employees also transferred a truckload of donated food into a van destined for another city’s food pantry in the seacoast.  Overall, the day spent volunteering at GATHER was a success not only by giving back, but also coming together as a group for a fun day with the intent of helping others.


TFMoran Announces Ownership Transition

January 1, 2013 – TFMoran Inc. has announced the transfer of ownership to a team of four senior employees. According to former owners Robert and Anne Cruess, who have been in charge of the firm since 1987 and owners since 1991, “This is TFM’s 45th year in continuous operation”, says Mr. Cruess, “and after 26 years in charge, I am pleased that this group of long-term, dedicated employees is taking over ownership of the Company that has been an important part of our lives.”

“Robert and Anne Cruess have made a tremendous impact on our business and our profession,” says new president Robert Duval. “Under their guidance, TFMoran has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. Robert and Anne pioneered sustainable design in our region with the creation of the Eco-Industrial Park in Londonderry. Their many creative, award-winning projects have included parks, retail and mixed use. Their vision and hard work have made TFM a recognized leader in our industry and positioned the firm to meet the challenges of the years ahead.”

The new ownership team includes Robert Duval as President, Dylan Cruess as Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice-Presidents Jeff Kevan and Paul Sbacchi. Robert Cruess remains involved as Chairman of the Board of Directors and to assist in marketing and outreach for the firm. Anne Cruess will remain as Chief Landscape Architect.

TFMoran specializes in civil, structural, and traffic engineering; survey, landscape architecture, and environmental permitting for private and public projects throughout New England.