Bank of New Hampshire

TFM was responsible for the site plan, survey, landscape architecture, site engineering and structural design of this branch bank. The bank is one of four farm-themed buildings in French-Atwood Marketplace located at the corner of Route 101 and Wallace Road built within the Town of Bedford’s Historic District. TFM designed this special retail development with interconnecting walkways and parking in a New England village shop setting.

The existing 200-year old French-Atwood barn was disassembled and the beams were numbered so that it could be reconstructed as the interior of the bank. The existing foundation was used for a dry-laid retaining wall to create the base of the development’s monument sign. Granite columns that held the structure of the original barn were re-used as exterior steps, sitting stones, and door stoops.

  • Client: Bank of New Hampshire (formerly Laconia Savings Bank)
  • Services: Site Plan, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Site Engineering, Structural Engineering