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TFMoran Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering department at TFMoran and MSC Engineers (a division of TFMoran) have the expertise and initiative to tackle the most complex projects.TFMoran has offices in both the seacoast and southern New Hampshire regions.

From commercial and industrial, to institutional, retail or residential, the TFMoran team has extensive engineering experience. Our vast commercial experience in structural engineering includes a broad range of office building designs, renovations, change-of-use, as well as fast-track scheduling projects.

TFMoran’s Structural Engineers Work in Many Industries

TFMoran’s structural engineers work extensively on educational institutions throughout New England. TFMoran designs new buildings with modern-day amenities while also working with existing structures on extensive renovations, modifications, or additions.

Renovating an existing building and adapting it to the needs of a retail space is difficult. The TFMoran team knows retail structural engineering! Our teams are experienced in surveying building structural components, analyzing and rating structures for allowable live loads, and adapting a building to a new use.

TFMoran-A Trusted Structural Engineering Partner

TFMoran’s structural engineering experience includes years of working with architects and developers designing residential apartment and condominium projects. Our engineering team assists architects and contractors with every aspect of the process. From the design of beams and other supports, reinforcements, and remedial work, to the review of as-built conditions.

The structural and civil engineers at TFMoran use a holistic approach to assist clients in developing building projects that meet their needs –as well as future needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and Revit® Structure software TFMoran’s structural engineering team ensure the most efficient and cost-effective process for our clients.

TFMoran Structural Engineering Projects

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