Ivory Keys Apartments – Affordable Housing

In conjunction with Maugel Architects, Inc. of Harvard, MA, TFMoran provided structural design of the renovation of the historic Jewett Piano Case factory located at 140 Adams Street in Leominster, MA. The plan to convert the timber-framed mill building into Ivory Keys Apartments, a 43-unit affordable residential apartment building, was spearheaded by Ivory Keys, LLC, an affiliate of L.D. Russo Inc. of Harvard, MA. The project was unique in that the entire four-story mill structure was framed of wood, rather than brick masonry at the exteriors, which is more typical of mill buildings standing today.

Before the project began, the century-old historic mill building was in disrepair and vacant for several years. An extensive field investigation and evaluation was conducted prior to beginning the project to determine the feasibility. This uncovered several issues, including a nearly 1-foot lean of the building, water damage and lateral instability issues. The project plans include foundation work and incorporating steel frames into the building to correct the lean, lateral instability and years of neglect.

In addition to structural repairs, a significant effort was made to preserve the nature of the historic mill. This included preserving the aesthetics of the exterior. Also, interior spaces will respect the history of the building, including preserving many pieces of the interior and exposing some existing timber structure as architectural features. The attractive and structurally-sound Ivory Keys Apartments will offer studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom living options.

The renovation and addition of the 140 Adams Street project will complete the redevelopment of the commercial buildings in the Adams Street neighborhood. L.D. Russo is the developer and constructor of the project.

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