Silvergrass Place Condominium

TFMoran’s seacoast division worked with developers at Chinburg Properties in Newmarket, NH to provide survey and civil engineering services for a 46-unit single-family condominium in Hampton, NH. This 35.7-acre residential development includes the design of 3,500 linear feet (lf) of roadway and will have an entrance on both Mary Batchelder Road and Timber Swamp Road. To service this development, TFMoran engineers designed 2,800 lf of gravity sewer, 1,300 lf of low-pressure sewer and a pump station upgrade. The stormwater will be treated by an infiltration basin, two gravel wetlands, two bioretention areas and an innovative bioretention area with internal storage. TFMoran also provided permitting services including ZBA approval, Planning Board Approval, and State permitting (including NHDES Alteration of Terrain permit and NHDES Sewer Discharge).

Road and site construction is expected to begin sometime late July /early August. Chinburg Properties is working with Art Form Architecture, Inc. of North Hampton to provide interested buyers with a variety of predesigned Artform Home Plans. Design options include 2 or 3 bedrooms with floor plans ranging from approximately 1,600 to 2,500 square feet. Plans include an attached two car garage, a variety of finished porch/deck designs, façade materials and color choices.

For more information on Silvergrass Place Condominium please contact Chinburg Properties at (603) 868-5995.

  • Client: Chinburg Properties
  • Services: Civil | Permitting | Land Surveying