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Celebrating Women In Construction Week

It’s National Women In Construction Week! Put on by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), ‘WIC’ week, March 4-11 celebrates women in the construction industry including women builders, engineers, surveyors, project management, administration, and leadership.

Women in Construction (WIC) Week raises awareness and celebrates the work of women in the construction industry across the country. NAWIC founded WIC Week in 1998 to continue its mission of strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the industry. This year marks 25 years of celebrating Women in Construction!

Just in time for this week of celebration, TFMoran’s own Mahreana Hopson, PE, Structural Project Manager had a featured profile in High Profile’s Women in Construction special issue. Also in this issue- TFMoran’s team of Professional Women are recognized for their contribution to the Construction Industry!

Check out Mahreana’s profile in High Profile’s Women In Construction supplement, or continue reading below.

Mahreana Hopson, PE
Structural Project Engineer, TFMoran, Inc.

Published in High Profile Magazine
March 2024

Mahreana Hopson, PE is a structural project manager at TFMoran. When asked how she navigates the unique challenges women face in the construction industry, Mahreana says, “Although I was only able to participate in a single official mentorship program, I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have had in my career to mentor younger women in the industry. Any new college graduate feels uncertain at the start of their first job, but I feel women have a greater need to prove themselves.” She says there is a struggle with the balance of asking enough questions to be successful yet not too many to make one appear less qualified from a male counterpart. Then as women advance in their careers, there is the challenge of how to approach the older male generation that often is not comfortable taking direction from younger women. She continues, “I only hope to pass on the knowledge I have gained from my own experiences and provide the much-needed sounding board I could have benefited from having during those times. I think mentorship for women by women is the key to our continued success in the construction sector.”

When asked what changes or progress she has witnessed in the industry regarding gender diversity and inclusion, Mahreana says, “Most recently, I have noticed a shift in the amount of attention that is being brought to metrics on gender diversity and inclusion in our industry.” She says it is so wonderful to see companies acknowledging the discrepancies and possible deficiencies within their organization and then the drive that the younger workforce has to see these rectified with visible change. “It provides me with a lot of hope for our future,” she adds.