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TFMoran helps NH Children stay in school amid the pandemic

TFMoran has made another $5,000 contribution to the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund to help families. This financial assistance is available to New Hampshire children of low- and moderate- income families to attend K-12 schools that best fit their needs. These scholarships can apply to private schools, out-of-district schools, and homeschooling, which make these options more financially available.

As a result of the pandemic, many CSF scholarship families are facing a new economic situation. CSF families may have lost a job or are now paying for childcare while classes have gone virtual or been cancelled altogether. These families earn an income of $48,000 or less, meaning they cannot afford to pay their school’s full tuition. But because of these unexpected circumstances, their children’s education is put in jeopardy.

Thanks to Kate Baker, Executive Director of Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, who visited our office for a fun socially distant photo op with TFMoran’s COO, Dylan Cruess!