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TFMoran President Robert Duval in New England Real Estate Journal’s “2021 Forecast Spotlight”

TFMoran President Robert Duval shared his point of view on recent construction and real estate industry trends in The New England Real Estate Journal‘s “2021 Forecast Spotlight“. Industry trends he predicts will linger include a shortage of skilled labor due to the misalignment between education and the needs of employers. He goes on to state “applicants with degrees from well-known schools have only rudimentary training in the software that they will need on the job from day one”. Strict regulations are another setback for the industry, with the permitting process, rather than design controlling the project delivery date. “Nearly all commercial projects these days are required to submit studies of items once considered to be only for ‘major projects’. Bob goes on to say “another thing that won’t be changing in the year ahead: it will take a team of skilled experts working together from the earliest possible moments to deliver a successful project on time”.

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