TFMoran Host Derryfield Senior Hannah Kelsey

TFMoran is pleased to be hosting Hannah Kelsey, a Senior at The Derryfield School in Manchester, NH, for her Independent Senior Project (ISP). Derryfield has a long history of allowing graduating seniors to pursue a short term internship in a field of their interest.  This experience allows seniors to gain real world experience that can help in the process of choosing a career after college.  As part of her ISP, Hannah will be introduced to a broad variety of projects and tasks incorporating some of TFMoran’s professional services which include civil engineering, structural engineering, stormwater management, construction support services, and land survey.  We have truly enjoyed mentoring Hannah and wish her the very best in the next phase of her education and whatever career she embarks on.

In Hannah’s own words:

“As part of my last six weeks as a senior at The Derryfield School in Manchester, I am taking part in an Independent Senior Project. This Independent Senior Project is designed for students to gain real-world experience and learning in a subject they are passionate or curious about. I’ve always loved problem solving and building things, so when I joined Derryfield’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) course this fall I became interested in engineering. Next year I will be attending Hamilton College in Clinton, NY where I am considering a five-year engineering program. So for my Independent Senior Project I decided my time would be well spent to explore the engineering world and the different disciplines within it. I learned about TFMoran through Derryfield and am very thankful for them for letting me do my Independent Senior Project here. I have learned a lot already and am very happy with my decision to spend these weeks having an out-of-classroom learning experience at TFMoran.”