Safety First: ‘Tis the Season for Poison Ivy and Tick Bites

Stephen Bibeau, LLS - Field Operations Manager
Stephen Bibeau, LLS Field Operations Manager

TFM’s Safety Committee asked our Survey Field Operations Manager, Stephen Bibeau to put together a few helpful hints to prevent contracting poison ivy and tick bites. Steve has been surveying since 1985, and has plenty of experience when it comes to what to do, to stay safe and avoid itching and biting.

See below for Steve’s Helpful Tips – Please pass along this information with others!


Poison Ivy:

  1. Wear gloves.
  2. Do not touch any part of your skin after tying your shoes or using equipment, use a cloth or something else.
  3. Use Tecnu® lotion prior to going into field.
  4. Carry a bottle of rubbing alcohol and follow these steps:
    Step 1: Cleanse area; Step 2: Wash with water; Step 3: Wash with soap. You have ten minutes. If you just wash with soap first, you take a chance of spreading it to other areas.
  5. When you get home, wear gloves to take off your shoes. Often the oil is still on your outerwear.



  1. Cover up skin as much as possible.
  2. Tuck pants inside socks or use something to seal possible entry areas; tuck shirt in.
  3. Use deet if you can. Try to stay away from high % deet formulas, above 15% has been known to cause seizures in some.
  4. Buddy system-don’t be shy, have your buddy check you. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Safe and have a Great Summer!

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TFMoran Personnel Take OSHA 10 Safety Training

TFMoran personnel recently participated in OSHA 10 construction safety training.  As Surveyors, Civil and Structural Engineers, and Construction Inspectors, our field personnel frequently encounter potentially dangerous conditions on construction sites, along roads, and in the woods.  TFMoran is committed to encouraging a safe and productive work environment by providing consistent and reoccurring safety training to our Field Personnel.  The OSHA 10 training program focuses on the prevention and avoidance of common construction work site hazards.

To maximize our training opportunities, TFMoran applied for a training grant through New Hampshire Job Training Grant Fund.  The OSHA 10 training was organized through Kathy DesRoches at Manchester Community College’s Work Force Development Center and provided by Steven St. Laurent training.


TFMoran Survey Vans have Roof Mounted Safety Lights

When someone notices you, it is much more likely they will avoid you!  TFMoran’s survey vans are often parked on the side of roads and while we have had yellow flashing roof lights on the front our vans for many years, we discovered that cars traveling in the same direction as our parked vans, could not see the front lights.  In response to this potential safety hazard, TFMoran has installed yellow and white flashing light bars on the back of primary survey vans.


TFMoran Hosts Presentations on Poisonous Plants

On April 10th, for our Portsmouth office, and again April 16th, for our Bedford office, TFMoran hosted lunch and learn presentations on identifying poisonous plants commonly found in New Hampshire.  The seminars were taught by Jonathan Nute of the UNH Cooperative Extension’s Hillsborough County Office.  TFMoran’s field personnel often find themselves in the woods and along roadsides where poison ivy and other rash causing plants frequently grow.  TFMoran is committed to encouraging a safe working environment by providing the best possible training and education for our field personnel.

Other topics discussed by Jonathan Nute included New Hampshire invasive plant species and tick prevention techniques.  Did you know that there are over 27 identified invasive plant species in New Hampshire?