Lunch N Learn at the Bedford Office

Members of the TFMoran Bedford office attended a Lunch N Learn on January 29, 2019. The Lunch N Learn was held in the first floor conference room and was taught by Jason Lenzen from Genest Paving Stones and Walls, who discussed proper maintenance of permeable interlocking concrete pavement. Jason brought Panera Bread sandwiches and salads, which were enjoyed by all in attendance. The list of attendees included Maureen Kelly, Jeremy Belanger, Mike Krzeminski, Jen Porter, Jason Hill, and our marketing intern, John DiFrancesco. The room was filled with chatter as the attendees asked questions about proper maintenance and use of the permeable pavement, and its ability to withstand salt and snow-plows during the winter months. Thanks to Jason Lenzen for a great Lunch N Learn.


First Aid Training for TFMoran Bedford Staff

Members of the Bedford office took part in a First Aid training course on January 9, 2019. Participants were required to complete an online portion of the class before taking the in-person portion held in the first-floor conference room. The class was taught by Don Poutry from the American Red Cross Associations Training Services. Fred Roach, Tom Lamb, Maureen Kelly, Chris Gagnon, Scott Olsen, Adam Jimenez, Marty Gavin, and Jeremy Belanger were all in attendance. The class taught participants how to treat a wound in an emergency. The first step was to assess the situation, then ask the injured person if it was okay to help. Help would be given only if permitted. Those who completed the course are officially First Aid Certified and can now provide assistance to anyone in need in case of an emergency. TFMoran is planning to host another training session in the near future for other employees who may have missed this one.


CPR Training at TFMoran

Members of the Bedford TFMoran team participated in a CPR certification course on November 14, 2018. Participants met in the first-floor conference room, where the training was held. Many of the attendees had been certified in the past and were taking the course as a refresher course. The course covered CPR trainings for all ages including adults, children, and infants. The certification class was taught by Robert Martin, who works with Exeter Hospital. The class was broken into two parts. Participants watched informational videos during the first portion of the class, and during the second part were able to practice the techniques on training mannequins.  The informational videos, provided by the American Heart Association, explained how to determine if a person needs CPR, the number of breaths and compressions necessary to properly perform CPR, how to properly perform these compressions and breaths, and how to use an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator. The Bedford office installed an AED in May through a New Hampshire Department of Safety program, which offers a discount and training for participants. There was also a portion of the training dedicated to helping someone who is choking and properly performing the Heimlich maneuver. Of course, we hope that all in attendance never need to use the techniques learned today, but we are glad that our team members are educated and would be able to provide assistants in an emergency.


Excelling with Excel®

On May 31, 2018 TFMoran’s own Jennifer Clark, receptionist and administrative assistant, conducted a lunch and learn for the basics of Microsoft Excel®.  With the help of some delicious pizza, TFMoran employees were able to power through an hour long lesson on how to use Microsoft Excel.  Jennifer did an outstanding job going through different tools and methods of Excel while patiently taking questions from staff members throughout the lesson.  At the end of the lunch, employees were able to ask more questions and leave feedback for Jennifer (everyone agreed she did amazing!).  Each staff member that attended the lunch and learn was also given a packet of all the information that Jenn went over throughout the lesson to keep for reference.

Thanks Jenn for taking the time to teach staff on how to use Excel!


TFM’s “Revit Guru”, Rob Vida, participates in Revit® Technology Conference North America 2016

The Revit Technology Conference (RTC) is a networking and learning experience that is held annually in North America and three other continents. RTC is a conference for users, by users, attracting many professionals from architects and structural engineers, to Revit power users and bloggers. TFM’s Rob Vida, Structural Engineer and resident BIM (Building Information Modeling) Director, attended the three-day conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rob is a 2016 Autodesk Revit® Structure Certified Professional. To better serve the needs of our clients, Rob has built a network of contacts in the industry to share ideas with and to inspire new ways of improving TFM’s Revit standards, so that the TFM Structural Department can continue to become a regional leader in BIM/Revit capabilities.

A list of classes Rob attended:

  1. Creating Intelligent Details and Detail Items
  2. Developing and Distributing Revit Training Materials
  3. Automate your Revit Workflows: Let the API Do the Work
  4. Code vs. Node: The Ultimate Revit Automation Smackdown
  5. Super Cutting Edge Technologies for the Structural Workflow
  6. LAB: Global Parameters, Global Control!
  7. Revit 2016 Certification Exam
  8. Automating the Mundane – Dynamo for Model Management
  9. Modeling Existing Structures in Revit Structure
  10. Automate the Boring Stuff with Revit Macros
  11. LAB: Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It
  12. Health Check for Your Revit Project Models