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Thanks Stonyfield!

A Big THANK YOU goes out to the good folks at Stonyfield Farm in Londonderry, NH for rolling their specialty yogurt cart into the lobby of TFM’s Bedford office. Many of TFM’s staff took a short break from their projects on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy some delicious Stonyfield yogurts. The tasty treats included strawberry, blueberry and cherry organic greek yogurt and 100% grassfed yogurt.

The reason for the visit? Stonyfield is on the Advisory Committee for the NH Food Bank, and volunteers their time and products to help fight hunger in New Hampshire. Because TFMoran also helps to fight hunger by participating in the NH Food Bank’s 2016 Canstruction Competition, Stonyfield was delivering TFM’s trophy. The judges declared TFM’s 3-dimensional canstructure (a TFM engineer sitting under an apple tree) the winner of the “Best Use of Labels” category. The structure consisted of nearly 500 cans of different sizes, 18 boxes and miscellaneous jars and bars. TFM’s COO, Dylan Cruess headed up the TFM Canstruction Team, and gratefully accepted the etched glass award on the Team’s behalf. This was the second consecutive year TFM participated in the Competition and we are looking forward to 2017.

Once again, thank you Stonyfield for the yummy afternoon treat and yogurt coupons, too!

NH Food Bank 2016 Canstruction Competition