A Day in the Field to Identify Invasive Species

This week, Marketing Intern Eric Poublon had the opportunity to shadow Paul O’Hanlon, one of TFMoran’s Certified Erosion, Sediment and StormWater Inspectors (CESSWI), out in the field at an upcoming project in Derry, NH.

Paul showed Eric how to read and reference the Wetlands Impact Plan to locate invasive and native species on site along with marking down ones that may have been missed. They identified four invasives and only one native, Burning Bush, Japanese Barberry, Japanese Knotweed, Oriental Bittersweet and Common Pokeweed, respectively.

Eric had a great time getting to see one of many tasks Paul does out in the field and learn a little about the process that goes into preparation for a project.


A Day in the Life of TFMoran’s Stormwater Department

A few weeks ago, Marketing Intern Jackie Gamache had the opportunity to tag along with the Stormwater department for a day in the field. On Wednesday, June 21st, Jackie shadowed Senior Project Manager, Dan Blais, and Stormwater Engineering Intern Brooke Stoncius. They traveled up to North Conway, New Hampshire to check in on some projects the Stormwater Team is currently working on.

Their first stop was a bridge rehabilitation in Tamworth, an ongoing stormwater engineering project close to completion. Dan, Brooke, and Jackie met up with other teams working on the project, including NHDOT to discuss its progress. Dan and Brooke conducted a stormwater inspection of the site. making sure the water runoff was not being affected by the construction activity in the area.

Their next stop was the Mt. Washington Valley Multi-use trail. TFMoran prepared the stormwater pollution prevention plan and is providing stormwater inspection services to The Mount Washington Valley Trails Association. The finished project will be 2.9 paved miles for residents and guests of the area of all ages and abilities. The multi-purpose path can be used for walking, jogging, bicycling, and other outdoor activities.

The trail offers scenic views, access to local businesses, and connections to other trailheads nearby. Once finished, TFMoran will prepare the final wetlands report.

Additional plans for the trail include sections continuing eastward towards Fryeburg and westward towards Bartlett. Eventually, the gaps between each section will be closed, to form a continuous trail system. Learn more about the Mount Washington Valley Trails Association and its projects here.

Jackie had a fantastic day tagging along with the stormwater team. She enjoyed seeing their recent ongoing projects, and all the hard work that goes into Stormwater Engineering!

Thank you Dan and Brooke!