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TFMoran Celebrates “Friday” with a TGIF Staff Party

On Friday, April 6th, TFMoran staff celebrated “Friday”, the end-of-the-work week, by taking a well-deserved break for a TGIF office party. Engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and office support and principals all gathered in the reception area to socialize while enjoying hot appetizers from TGI Fridays. The table was filled with chicken wings galore, along with potato skins, mozzarella sticks, out-of-this-world sliders and more – accompanied by the healthy choices of veggies and fruits of course! And, yes, there were cookies for a sweet ending.

The reception area was looking festive, decorated with approximately a zillion custom-designed TGIF! Friday signs, and metallic blue and gold balloons, thanks to receptionist Jenn Clark. The bright bouquet of yellow tulips and iris, arranged by Maryanne Murray, added to the festivities giving the party a dose of spring. However, looking outside was a different scene, snow was falling and sticking to the ground! No one seemed to mind, because, after all, it was Friday! As always, the dedicated, hard-working TFMoran staff appreciated the work break to catch up with co-workers, and a good time was had by all!